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Goodbye to Udaipur,and on to Jaisalmer and our Camel safari in the Thar Desert

After such a great experience bonding with the girls and our host family’s in the village of Jadhol, our time together was over. We waved our last goodbye waves through the bus windows and settled in for a 3 hour trip back to Udaipur. On our ride home a lot of the group reflected on... Continue Reading →

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  It was difficult to say goodbye to India. The amazing people, beautiful landscape, and  delicious food made the time very memorable. Reluctantly the next 10 days were to be spent curiously exploring Thailand.  And within moments of landing we had experienced many different emotions. Some of the company suffered from illness. While the struggling... Continue Reading →

Amritsar and Dharamsala

To break up our long travel days, and to learn about the Sikh people and their faith, we spent some time in the city of Amritsar. We arrived at The Golden Temple, the holiest site of the Skih faith, after a very short flight from Delhi.  We hoped to stay stay in the rooms there,... Continue Reading →

Udaipur and India village home stay

After eating dinner and saying our goodbyes to our host families in Jaipur, the group met up to head to the train station for our long overnight train to Udaipur. We hopped on the overly crowded sleeper train and found our beds, typically with about 3 people already on them. After some stern convincing and... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Nepal, Hello India!

  We started off our last day in Nepal with the news of a flight delay, which gifted us with a few more precious hours in our dear Kathmandu. Despite our woes, we were granted one last opportunity at our favorite café, Himalayan Java, where we feasted on cappuccinos and eggs. With both great excitement... Continue Reading →

Nepal Village Home Stay

After a brief recovery in Pokhara and Kathmandu from the trek, we wasted no time in tackling our next challenge: the home stay. A three-hour bus ride from the capital, simple yet quaint Kakani is a breath of fresh air — no persistent shop vendors or hectic traffic patterns here! The town itself is modest,... Continue Reading →

The Trek

The several hour bus ride from Pokhara to our trek's starting point was a bumpy one to say the least, but we all made the most of it, playing games, talking, listening to music, napping. Everyone was eager to begin the trek after being stuck sitting on the bus. The trek did not disappoint. As... Continue Reading →

Journey to Pokhara

We woke up the last morning in Kopan with heavy hearts. Our first home stay posted plenty of daily challenges, but we had all grown so close to our families and were just getting comfortable in the little town. Annie and I had to wake up extra early in order to meet the group at... Continue Reading →


Where our last post left off, we were enjoying the first few days in Kathmandu and adjusting to a culture simultaneously similar and disparate to our own at home. After leaving the Monumental Paradise, our hostel in downtown Kathmandu, we visited two temples on the way to Kopan, a suburb where our first home stay... Continue Reading →


After meeting up with leaders at Denver airport, we drove back to beautiful Estes Park. We were all buzzing with excitement and nerves as we got to know the people who would be our family for three months. The next few days consisted of meetings where we talked about everything from health and safety to... Continue Reading →

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